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We Test Electrical, Install New Battery, Test Again and Recycle old Battery (Computer Resets too)

We are the largest Battery Marketplace in North America. Over 10,000 products, 250,000 locations, and 1,000,000 needs served.

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Your car battery seems to run a little rough, with multiple starts needed or stalling throughout your drive. Or, you find your car won’t start at all — and you’re miles away from home.

Making an appointment for car battery replacement services seems like the most logical solution. But, when you’re stranded, you need service now — no waiting, no calling for a friend to pick you up, and no coordinating with a towing company to get your vehicle to the closest auto shop.

For the your area, 1-800-Battery provides fast mobile car battery replacement and install services. We build off our status as the largest batter marketplace in North America to offer just-in-time and precise car battery installation. When you need us, we’re there, accompanied by our wealth of knowledge.

Car Battery Delivery and Installation in Your Area

Yes, we offer car batteries for sale among our more than 10,000 products. But, 1-800-Battery is more than just a retailer; we provide our customers with white-glove car and truck battery installation, too. What can we offer you, whether you need car battery replacement now or in the near future?

  • We're cheaper than any dealership, and quicker, too. Instead of expensive towing and lengthy appointment times, we come to you with the correct battery for your vehicle. And, rather than tacking on extra fees, we roll the cost of installation into our single, transparent price.
  • We’re home of the JumpStart Guarantee: Also unlike dealerships, we won’t pressure you to replace your car battery.Instead, unless testing shows it’s needed, we keep your existing battery in your car.
  • We also offer a Correct Battery Guarantee: We carry car and truck batteries by make and model. We’ll be prepared, no matter the notice, with the corresponding solution.
  • Get service when you need it: Book an appointment online for immediate delivery and service, or schedule an appointment for a later date. For same-day work, we’ll drive out to your location — home, work parking lot or the side of the road in the Miami area — with the right car or truck battery from our expansive product selection.
  • We prioritize service Along with rapid response, our professionals provide full car battery replacement service.We test the existing battery, can install a new unit, and then test it again to ensure everything’s working.We then recycle the old battery.

Don’t wait around or go for weeks without a car.If you're in need and your car battery clearly needs replacement, get it done quickly and accurately with 1-800-Battery. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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Our customers say Excellent
based on 4195+ reviews

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Our customers say Excellent
(4.3) out of 5 based on 4195+ reviews
Really phenomenal from start to finish. Customer service was great in the beginning helping with questions and scheduling. Our installer was a great guy and quick.
From the time I called to completion was about an hour. Anywhere else, I would have waited at least an hour before work started. And I never had to leave home!
William S
Incredibly convenient, courteous, and competent. Hoping I won't have a car battery die unexpectedly on me again...but if it does happen, will definitely use this service.
Ben B

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